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Occupational health plays a major role in maintaining, protecting and improving the health and wellbeing of employees, which in turn has a tremendous benefit for the employer.

The Benefits

Healthy staff are happier and more productive. A healthy workforce reduces sickness and sickness absence. Protecting staff from exposure to hazards reduces injury and sickness and potential compensation claims. Recruitment processes which include pre-employment medical examination help to ensure selection of candidates that are fit for the job. A reputation as an employer who cares for the health and well-being of their employees attracts and retains good candidates.

OHI’s corporate medical assessments are designed to make certain that an individual is fit for work, be it related to a specific type of job, environment or geographical location, or being fit to return to work after illness or injury. As a provider of an extensive range of occupational health services to major local and international clients across a wide range of industry, OHI has the resources and flexibility to tailor services to meet employers’ needs in the care of their staff, with services at the workplace as well as at our medical centres.

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